Why Is My Stool Green

Are you asking yourself, “Why is my stool green?” If so, you can join the rest of the population who has asked this very same question at one point or another. To be honest, there isn’t one precise reason; green stool can be the result of a variety of different causes and conditions.

You may not be aware but if you are wondering, “What does green poop mean?” there is something likely off balance in your digestive tract. Now, this could be the result of nerves because it’s your first day on a new job or something as simple as the salad you ate yesterday for lunch. In most cases, all you need to do is replace the good bacteria in your body and bring balance to your digestive tract.

How Your Digestive System Works

Bile is a dark green to yellow and sometime orange poop will be in certain case, bitter-tasting fluid that is produced in your liver. If you are asking, “What does green stool mean?” bile is likely to blame. Understanding how your digestion system works might shed a little light on the subject.

Your digestive system is a series of several hollow organs that are joined in a twisting, long tube from mouth to anus. The organs inside are your stomach, esophagus and small and large intestines the lining in these organs offers tiny glands that provide juices to aid with digestion.

Now, the digestive organs have the biggest contribution to stool color and are probably behind you asking, “how and what about green poop?” These consist of the pancreas and liver. It is the liver that produces the bile that is excreted through the other organs to digest food. It is important to note that the circulatory and nervous systems play key roles in digestion as well.

Food Moves through the System

So, you may be wondering, how this has anything to do with your, for the question, right? Well, digestion occurs when digestive juices (bile) are mixed with the foods in your system to help move it along the tract like an assembly line. Through this process, large molecules of food are broke down into smaller molecules. Digested food slowly moves from one organ to another as the muscles constantly contract to propel the contents forward.

When the food is in the stomach, there are a few different factors that affect how fast it is digested and ultimately if you will be asking yourself on green diarrhea, proteins spend more time in there and fats linger the longest as the juices work to dissolve the foods.

When you eat too much protein or too many fatty and rich foods, they are often pushed through your system faster than the bile can do its job. This is also true if you take laxatives or are stressed. Anything that interrupts or speeds up digestion will often leave you asking the very popular question about green stool. If this sounds like you, you simply need balance. Order your free bottle of Bowtrol today as it will help if you have green poop.