Why Food is the Ultimate Gift

Why is food the ultimate gift? Because everyone eats. Not only does everyone eat, we all need food as fuel for our bodies to function properly. In this age of health consciousness, what a better gift to give someone than the very energy their bodies need to stay healthy and active.

There are so many different varieties of food available and so many ways to present them. With all the cooking accessories to go with them, you could put together the ultimate gift of food for anyone with just a little thought. And it is possible to give a gift of food for any occasion.

Children love gifts of food, especially if it is already prepared. Give them Fruit of the Month baskets or a gift card to their favorite restaurant or ice cream parlor. Home-made cookies or other treats are always appreciated, even if they are healthy snacks.

Teenagers may want to receive the Pizza of the Month. Older children sometimes like to have cook books that have the recipes they like. This way they can prepare their own favorites whenever they like. You could also tailor the gifts to their individual tastes. If your nephew is a burger-holic, for example, give him a cook book of the best burgers. If your sister is a vegetarian, give her a meat free recipe book, etc.

Adults are a little easier to please. They will accept any gifts of food, from jars of jelly,(home-made or not), to elaborate gift baskets of their favorite foods. You can even go so far as to give them mail order meat, veggies or seafood. If you know someone who loves to barbecue, give him a meat sampler with seasonings and utensils for his birthday or Father’s Day. You could give your friend who likes to bake a set of cake pans, some decorating tools and assorted flours, flavorings and a cake baking book for Christmas. You could even give an elderly or handicapped person a gift of food from some of the many businesses that deliver the food already cooked and frozen to their homes. All they have to do is re-heat and eat. These can be arranged to arrive all year round. Needless to say, the possibilities are endless.

Food is always the ultimate gift because everyone HAS to eat, and if you know what someone likes, you can help provide them with not only food they need, but food they want and like as well.


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