What is Pulled Pork or Easy Slow Cooker Recipe for Pulled Pork

How to Make Pulled Pork in a Slow Cooker

 Pulled pork is simply cooked and shredded pork we have learned to enjoy in a spicy (usually southwestern style) sauce, but it has a history, as long as men have butchered pigs, and women have had pots, people have enjoyed pulled pork.

In the earliest days a wild boar brought to the village after a successful hunt would have been cooked whole, over a communal fire pit, and shared with everyone. 

Irrespective of whether it was a wild, or domestic pig raised to provide meat, the butchering process was still the same.  The hog was either skinned or dipped in boiling water and the bristles scrapped off.   To make preserving, (brining, smoking) the meat easier the carcass was then divided in half, because the spine of the hog was so difficult to cut before the days of gas or electric saws cuts were made a few inches from each side of the spine separating the ribs from the back.  The meat that could be readily trimmed from the back bone was removed and the rest was either thrown to the dogs or cut into foot long sections and given to people not considered good enough to eat at the main table, regardless of whether they were serf, slave or sharecropper. 

The meat in and around the spine is not easily removed so, the whole bone in a pot and cooked it until the pork could easily be pulled from the bone, hence the name “pulled pork.”

 Since the advent of grocery stores and electricity, if you want to make pulled pork you can buy a pork roast or a fresh pork shoulder, any cut, bone in or not will make excellent “pulled” pork.  If you have a small family and use a whole pork shoulder the amount of cooked pork may seem overwhelming, so several recipes and serving suggestions are included.  Remember the cooked meat can be packaged in freezer bags for quick after work meals at a later time. The day before you want to serve the pulled pork, trim away excess fat on most modern cuts of pork there will not be a great deal of fat, however if you use a fresh pork shoulder there is considerably more fat to trim.

Place the pork in the slow cooker, at least one half to three quarters of a pound per person to be served season with ¼ cup finely chopped onion and, 1 teaspoon minced garlic per pound of pork, and sprinkle generously with salt and pepper.Some cooks add whole hot red peppers and generous amounts of cumin at this time, cooking the heat right into the meat.  However it is easy to get carried away with hot spices and end up with a product that is so hot most people cannot tolerate it.  A safer option is to serve with hot sauce, so each person is in control of their own “heat”.  Making sure there is about an inch of water in the bottom of the slow cooker turn it to lowest heat setting.  Let it cook all day or until the meat falls apart and off of any bone.  If the meat does not fall apart let it continue to cook overnight.  When the pork falls apart when touched with a fork drain off and save any liquid from the meat.  Refrigerate until three or four hours before you plan to serve if reheating in slow cooker.

Pulled pork sandwiches are probably the most famous way to serve the pulled pork.  Shred the pork with a fork and mix with your favorite commercial barbeque, or sloppy joe sauce reheat in the slow cooker and serve over oven toasted Kaiser rolls and top with grated cheddar cheese.   To oven toast Kaiser Rolls slice rolls in half spread with softened butter or margarine and toast cut side up under broiler until golden brown. Serve open face or as a regular sandwich.

An excellent way to use leftover pulled pork in barbeque sauce is to mix in a cassarole dish with equal parts black beans,rice and corn, top with grated cheese and heat in 350 degree oven about thirty minutes or until hot through and cheese is melted.

Another way to serve Pulled Pork, make a rue, melt 1 tablespoon of butter or margarine and 1 rounded tablespoon flour (in medium hot skillet) per cup of the liquid you saved from the meat.  Stir rue (flour and butter) until browned add the liquid from meat, if you don’t have enough broth to make the amount of gravy you want you can simply add water to make a sufficient amount of golden brown gravy after adding liquid to the rue stir over heat until gravy is smooth and creamy, add meat to gravy usually 1 cup of pork to 1 cup of gravy, for variation add a can of cream of mushroom soup, and serve over mashed potatoes, rice, noodles, or biscuits.


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