The Best Tonsillitis Treatment

Tonsillitis can be caused by either virus or bacteria. So before you decide to use any treatment you better figure out the main cause of the inflammation.

The tonsils play a crucial part in your body’s immune system. They are your own natural-defense system against various infections caused by bacteria and other micro organisms. The tonsils actually filter out these micro organisms in a very restrained way.

But when various toxins have not been flushed out of your body by the skin, bowels and the kidney they can cause tonsillitis. Tonsillitis is known to affect the throat and various other surrounding regions including the inguinal tonsils and the adenoids.

Tonsillitis home treatment caused by bacteria

If the main cause of your condition is streptococcus bacteria then your doctor might prescribe some antibiotics, but in most cases you don’t need any treatment as it goes away on its own.

Antibiotics are used because untreated streptococcus-caused-tonsillitis can result in serious complications.If your doctor prescribes you some antibiotics then make sure you complete your full dose as directed.

Use them for the entire prescribed period of time even if the symptoms disappear. If not used well the bacteria can become resistance to antibiotics in the future thus making it hard for you to deal with it in the future.

Treatment for Tonsillitis caused by viruses

Antibiotics are not the best treatment for tonsil stones when the main cause of this inflammation is a virus. Tonsillitis caused by a certain virus normally goes away on its own.

The virus causing mononucleosis can cause an inflammation as severe as the one caused by bacteria. In this case it might take more time to heal, so you might want to try various home cures for treatment which includes:

1. Sipping drinks

I) Prepare a mixture of a pinch of salt, one lemon and four spoons of honey with a glass of warm water and take it throughout the entire day. This tonsillitis treatment will make swallowing easier as it deals with the pain on the back of your throat.

II) Turmeric is an unique antibiotic, so you should add a spoon of turmeric and a pinch of pepper to a glass of warm milk each night.

III) Herbal tea like mint, ginger or chamomile can help you deal with this condition as it relieves you of the pain and soreness associated with tonsillitis.

2. Gargling solutions

i) Salt solution is quite useful when it comes to dealing with various infections, so gargling some salt solution can help wash away the fluid and pus in your throat. Gargling salt solution is the most effective treatment.

ii) You can also gargle a mixture of a spoon of honey, 2 spoons of luke-warm water and a spoon of ginger juice.

iii) Dissolved mustard powder in hot water can help rinse your throat thus flushing out the germs.

Another treatment includes:

1) Cut a piece of lemon and add black pepper and salt on to it. Then heat the lemon for a while before your start licking it and squeezing the juice off it.

ii) You can also mash some figs and finally mix it with some honey. Dried figs are known to have some healing properties so it would help with the tonsillitis.

If the condition is recurring a lot then you should consider having a tonsillectomy (surgical removal of your tonsils). This surgery has it s own risks so is should be tried after you have tried every tonsillitis treatment to no vain.