The best Drink for a Hot Day at the Beach

As we know, during the summer many people celebrate their day at the beach by consuming large quantities of beer, wine or alcohol related mixed drinks.  In reality, alcoholic beverages may be the worst possible choice for having fun under the hot summer sun.  Humans, basking or playing under the burning summer sun, will dehydrate more quickly.

The best drink for a hot day at the beach is a nice cold bottle or cup of fresh water.  Under normal conditions most people require at least 2 liters of water each day; however, during the summer months being under the hot sun will require more water intake.  The human body is comprised approximately of 60 percent water,  As we lose water daily, we must replace it gradually and consistently throughout the day.  Approximately, 20 percent of our daily water replacement is provided by the foods we eat.  The rest of our water replacement must be accomplished by drinking water or fluids that have water in them.

Without a continuous supply of water, our body would go into shock from dehydration.  Especially in summer heat, dehydration does not take very long to occur.  Dehydration remains one of the worst problems during the summer months at beaches.  The loss of salts, vitamins and minerals increases the likelihood of dehydration.  In order to maintain your body’s peak performance during hot weather, electrolyte supplements or electrolyte drinks, such as Gatorade, G2 and others, are a wonderful aid to divert dehydration and energy meltdown. 

Many people like to drink juices but most have a high content of natural or added sugar, which may increase the possibility of dehydration.  Most soda or soda pop has high levels of sugar and/or caffeine, which also adds to dehydration.  Tea and coffee also have high levels of caffeine.  So while many people like to enjoy beer, wine and alcoholic mixed drinks, tea and coffee during their time at the beach, the best drink for a hot day at the beach is cold, fresh water. 

The more water you drink during your stay at the beach the better your body will perform under the blazing summer sun.  Water with some electrolyte supplements will keep your body functioning at peak performance and will prevent dehydration, which could lead to other more critical and debilitating issues.  Drinking water and letting your body hydrate consistently under the hot summer sun will make your day at the beach more enjoyable.


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