Strep throat infection

This is a common cause of strep throat infection among children and teenagers. is caused by group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus (GAS) and it usually requires treatment with antibiotics.

The strep throat symptoms includes fever, stomach pain and red swollen tonsils. So how do you know if you have strep throat and not just a simple sore throats, well most episodes of sore throats are caused by viruses especially their associated with runny nose, cough or hoarseness. They usually clear up on their own within a few days without requiring any specific medical treatment. Strep throat however are typically get worst and includes all the symptoms within about three days. For example there maybe wet and white patches in the back of the throat, there maybe difficulty in swallowing with tends in swollen glands in the neck. The tonsils made of red and enlarge, there maybe headache and stomach pain, fever, lost of appetite and even rash.

So how do you find out if you have strep throat? You need to see your doctor who probably make a rapid strep test, this is taken some swab at the back of the throat and you’ll get the result in about five minutes. If it is positive, you’ll need to take antibiotic treatment for that. If it is negative you probably need a throat culture and the results of that takes a few more days.

Usually, to treat a strep throat about ten days of antibiotic is needed. It is very important that you finish the course of antibiotic, if you don’t do that, the symptoms may comeback. Within about twenty four hours of starting the antibiotics, you probably find that you do feel a lot better and you should be no longer contagious.

Failure to diagnose or treat or not finishing the prescribed course of antibiotic runs the risks of causing other health problems including rheumatic fever which may permanently damage your heart or skull fever, blood infections or even kidney disease.

Finally it is important to remind all of the family to follow good hygienic practices to prevent spread of infection.