Side effects of Folic Acid

I guess we read and heard enough about the good side of folic acid now let us take a look if there is a bad side to it.

As most people are aware that folate is also part of the B vitamin family which is necessary to help our body function in different ways, especially for women who are pregnant.

I assume you might be mentally exhausted reading about this same information million time everywhere on the web on how important folacin is for to be mothers and pregnant women; that is because two or more decades back there were a huge number of children being born in the U.S with NTDs (Neural Tube Defects); hence the hype and repetition of information.

However, due to the number of NTD defects FDA (Food and Drug Administration) passed a rule in the U.S in 1996 that all processed foods must be enriched with folic acids to prevent further birth and growth defects in unborn and growing children.

Side effects for folic acid overdose: Since it is a water soluble vitamin extra doses of it will be excreted through urine but if you consume more than just extra doses of folic acid then your kidneys will have a problem excreting it and then what remains in the body circulates and kills cells that prevent cancer. The other adverse effects of un-excreted Vitamin B9 are dizziness and other minor complications. Since it is a water soluble vitamin and since most of it comes out through urine it does not really have too many side effects. Nevertheless, do not keep taking over doses of it because then you are putting your body at risk of getting cancer.

Just remember even if you think you are maintaining a healthy balance diet which has sufficient folacin in it you might be wrong as some nutrients and vitamins cannot be obtained by food alone, you would need to still take supplements to fill in the gap that food alone cannot fulfill.