Should Cell Phones be Banned in Restaurants – No

I do not support a ban on cell phones in restaurants. I do not even support a sign in front of a restaurant asking that cells phones be turned off. If cell phones are turned off then they might as well be banned since you would not be able to receive an incoming call. As a parent I want my children to be able to reach me in case of an emergency and they would not be able to do that if my cell phone was turned off. Despite the signs, I don’t even turn my cell phone off at the doctor’s or dentist’s until they are actually in the room with me.

I also do not feel that people talking on cell phones should be asked to leave their table to talk elsewhere unless they are being unreasonably loud. There is no reason to ban people from talking on their cell phones at a table. Most people do talk in restaurants. While it may be rude to the people at your own table, it shouldn’t matter to other patrons if a person is talking to someone in the restaurant or to someone on the phone.

I do use my cell phone in restaurants and other public places to talk to my children. However, if the connection is bad and I need to raise my voice to be heard I will go outside or to the restroom. If it isn’t an emergency then I will end the call and talk to them at a later time. Also, when I am in a public place I will set my phone on silence.

I feel that if cell phone users use common sense there would not be a need for a debate on whether cell phones should be banned. Unfortunately, there are those out there that feel that they are more important than anyone else and do not use common courtesy when using their phones. It is these people that leave their cell phones ring on loud and talk loudly due to a bad connection instead of going outside to find a better connection.

I do support restaurants asking that cell phones be switched to vibrate while you are in their establishment. This is what considerate people should already be doing without being asked. People should be able to go out to a restaurant and enjoy themselves without hearing the various chirps, whistles, and ring tones of cell phones going off around them.


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