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When I was in elementary and high school I belonged to the 4-H Club. We had an outstanding 4-H leader, Mr. Ralph Testerman, who dedicated so much of his time and effort to working with the members of the club that the Hawkins County, Tennessee, 4-H Club was the best in the State of Tennessee.

From teams, such as the Poultry Judging Team my sister was a member of, to the County Council and 4-H All Stars that I was a member of, Mr. Testerman helped promote the club and spur it’s members on to victory every year in local, district and state competitions in our chosen project.

Every year, Mr. Testerman would hold a large barbeque and sell the chicken and accompanying dishes to raise funds for the Poultry Team and the 4-H Club. A large crowd of people came from all over the county and beyond to buy the unique, mouth watering chicken dinners we only had privilege to enjoy once a year.

The crowd who showed up to purchase the chicken were not just supporters of the 4-H Club as his barbeque chicken had earned so much praise over the years it had gained tremendous popularity by word of mouth. He would work from early morning to late evening grilling the chickens and somehow managed to keep his recipe a secret for years and years.

Fortunately, my sister, who was one of his most prized 4-H members, was able to get him to give her his secret recipe.

This barbeque sauce is actually a basting sauce for outdoor grilling and the sauces’s flavor is unique, unlike any barbeque sauce you might buy in a store.

It is simple to make and your guests will rave about the chicken’s wonderful flavor. I always felt this recipe was one worthy of opening a specialty restaurant with. There was no name for this recipe so I call it Tennessee Barbeque Sauce.

Tennessee Barbeque Sauce


1 Cup apple cider Vinegar

4 teaspoons Salt

1/8 pound (1/2 stick) Margarine or Butter

4 Tablespoons Oil

2 teaspoons Tabasco Sauce

1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce

1/8 teaspoon Garlic Powder


Place the chicken on the grill and while it is grilling make the barbeque sauce.

Combine all ingredients into a saucepan. Place the saucepan on the stove and warm the ingredients, stirring well. Just warm the sauce! Do not boil! Repeat, do not boil!

Let the chicken get at least half done before beginning to baste in this mixture. Keep the ingredients of the basting sauce stirred together well with the basting brush between bastings. Keep basting and turning the chicken as it cooks until the chicken is done.

Serve the chicken with baked potatoes and baked beans or your choice of vegetables.

There will be enough basting sauce to baste enough chicken that would cover the entire grill top. Left over chicken is freezable and still as delicious reheated in the microwave at a later date.


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