Mitosis Vs Meiosis

The division of cells takes place in either of the two ways, Mitosis or Meiosis. They both occur in eukaryotic cells and involve the separations of the chromosomes. Both the process differ from each other and to know the facts associated with mitosis vs meiosis is very important but first of all one should know what these processes are. These divisions can be defined as under:


It is the process of cell division in which division of nucleus and duplication of chromosomes takes place. The process of cytokinesis follows mitosis. In cytokinesis the cell membrane and the cytoplasm of the cells divide. This results in the formation of two daughter cells that are each having the same number of chromosomes as the parent cell and these are called diploid cells. Mitosis occurs in Somatic cells or Soma or Body cells.


Meiosis takes place in germ cells or the sex cells of the body. The process of meiosis results in the formation of four daughter cells which have half the number of chromosomes of the parent cells and hence are called as haploid cells.

Consider the points given below:

mitosis vs meiosis-

  • The process of mitosis occurs in all the organisms whereas that of meiosi occurs only in human beings, plants, animals and fungi.
  • Mitosis produces two daughter cells whereas in meiosis there are four daughter cells.
  • Mitosis takes place in somatic cells, but meiosis occurs in sex cells or germ cells, that is, the sperms and the ovum.
  • Meiosis is sexual division whereas mitosis is asexual division.
  • The cells produced are genetically identical in case of mitosis but in that of meiosis, they are different.
  • The number of division in mitosis is one and that in meiosis in two.
  • The steps of mitosis are:

1. Interphase

2. Prophase

3. Metaphase

4. Anaphase

5. Telophase

6. cytokinesis

1. Interphase,

2. Prophase I,

3. Metaphase I,

4. Anaphase I,

5. Telophase I,

6. Prophase II,

7. Metaphase II,

8. Anaphase II

9. Telophase II.

  • Chromosome number is reduced to half in case of meiosis and doubled in that of mitosis, hence mitosis is also called as Equational division.