ADDICTED to nicotine?

Tobacco addiction is a powerful habit. Nicotine is very addictive and you maybe know some symptoms of nicotine overdose. Even if you want to quit, it is a difficult habit to break. We understand what you are going through, and we know how to help.

LifeSign breaks your nicotine addiction gradually by decreasing your dependence and reversing the process that got you hooked. LifeSign gradually increases the intervals between cigarettes while having you smoke at times that you don’t normally smoke. This breaks the connection between the cigarette and the activity, which gradually eliminates your desire for nicotine.





These methods help some people, but they never seem to tackle the entire smoking habit at one time nor do they gradually reduce all of the connecting habits of smoking. Read here on how long does nicotine stay in your system.

There is no program out there that will withdraw you off the nicotine habit and at the same time withdraw you off the hand to mouth habit of the “light up” while still allowing you to smoke. The issue is not just removing the nicotine out of your system, this can be done over 7 days cold turkey or 8 weeks with a patch. What also is the problem in quitting is the actual habit of having the cigarette in your hand.

The phone rings, you’re on the computer, your on some kind of break: then the urge comes to “light up”, but this is not always a nicotine urge. It is a programmed conditioned urge. You have been conditioned to lighting up as well as being ADDICTED to nicotine. It’s the “light up” habit that also needs to be stopped as well…gradually.

You did not just wake up and start smoking one or two packs a day. You gradually started with a couple of cigarettes, then half a pack, then a pack and then, maybe even more. This happens gradually over time. As you gradually started to become ADDICTED to nicotine, you gradually started to become ADDICTED and conditioned to the actual “light up” and having the cigarette in your hand.

This is why other programs seem to fail people because they do not conquer both addictions gradually at the same time. On The Patch, you may feel ok, but there is also something missing. First,  your nicotine levels drop drastically. Then, you can’t light up and hold that cigarette, and of course you bottom out because you can’t smoke. These are the pitfalls of The Patch.

The Gum is virtually the same. It doesn’t take care of both habits, the nicotine habit, and the “light up” habit. It does not gradually withdraw you off both habits.

Now there is a program that has been around for a while called LifeSign. Already, world wide over
(READ THIS) 1,000,000 have sold through infomercials and mail-order distribution. You may have seen Mrs. Brady (Florence Henderson) promoting LifeSign on these infomercials. This program allows you to continue to smoke all the way to the last day. Hard to Believe? Well, it’s true. LifeSign learns your cigarette habits over 7 days and then gradually over 30 days or less reduces the amount of cigarettes you smoke a day. You hardly feel the withdrawal until your down to none (No Cigarettes). Why is this program so great? Because it gradually fights the entire smoking habit at the same time. You start to light up less and nicotine slowly starts to leave your body.

How it works

Stage 1: Preparing to quit. The first week you register your personal pattern of tobacco use. Smokers simply press the smoke button each time a cigarette is smoked. Dippers or chewers press the button when putting the tobacco in your mouth and when taking it out. The innovative software program built into the LifeSign computer registers your personal pattern of tobacco use and calculates a specific program for quitting that is unique to you.

Stage 2: Quitting. LifeSign automatically signals you when to smoke or chew tobacco. It actually makes the decision for you, timed specifically for your smoking, or chewing pattern.

Stage 2, Depending on your habit, this program will last approximately two to five weeks. It took you years to build up your habit …it will take a few weeks to gradually quit. The Program Guide will give you support and facts. You’ll learn how to replace cigarettes or chewing tobacco with things that work better for you …not against you.

Stage 3: Living tobacco-free. Once you have quit smoking, dipping or chewing, the Program Guide will help you focus on growing stronger and healthier. This lifesaving program also offers you a free Hotline support service.