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Nicotine Patch Side Effects

The nicotine patch is thought by some to be the single most effective way to quit smoking. Its use has been instrumental in helping many smokers to wean themselves off of smoking, slowly. By doing so, it has increased both the quality and length of life experiences for these former smokers. The nicotine patch works by releasing a slow, continued amount of nicotine throughout the time period that it is worn. The strength of the nicotine patch is eventually lessened, which makes withdrawal easier. When combined with other therapies, a nicotine patch can turn a smoker into a non-smoker.

As important as this medication is, it is not without the possibility of side effects, some of which could be severe. In some cases, the proper application of a nicotine patch, to a clean, hairless part of the body can reduce the chances of experiencing the most common allergic reactions of a rash or itchy skin. If the skin irritation continues, moving the patch to a new location on the skin may also help.

Other side effects have included dizziness, headache, occasional skin discoloration, nausea, vomiting and drowsiness. Many of these milder side effects may occur less frequently or disappear entirely as the body acclimates to this new medication. Additionally, the patches are designed to be worn for 16-24 hours a day. If they are worn while sleeping, vivid dreams could be expected. If these become a problem, removing the nicotine patch before sleeping will usually help.

More severe side effects include anxiety, chest pain, tremors and nervousness. The most dangerous symptoms of all include irregular heartbeat and trouble breathing. The chest pain is often preceded by either anxiety or nervousness. For the average consumer, the benefits of a nicotine patch will outweigh the risks. However, this is not always true, and a physician should be consulted prior to its use.

The nicotine patch side effects may lessen in severity as the level of nicotine is reduced. It may also change if the brand of patch that is being used is altered. A nicotine patch resembles many of the other adhesive bandages, and is typically one to two inches in size.

Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy for Horses

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has many positive benefits for humans and horses too.

ACV has been used for household cleaning and cooking for decades but it has become popular in equine circles as well.

For instance it can be used in the horse’s feed for their diet. Don’t worry about the horse despising the taste; they are more tolerant and appreciative of it than humans are. Studies have shown that ACV may prevent ulcers, anxiety, colic and an upset stomach in horses. Also, just as with the application of ACV on your cat and dog’s coats can add a shine to it, on your beloved horse it is even more so. ACV can prevent fleas and other insects from aggravating a horse too by adding a few teaspoons to an empty spray bottle and about 4-8 0z of water.

When a horse is under medication such as antibiotics or pain prescriptions, ACV can aid in managing these conditions. The same prescriptions that can harm us can have a negative effect on horses as well. Perhaps even more so, since the dosage for them tend to be greater. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) benefits them in multiple ways like preventing weight loss and extended sickness. For best results, you should use at least 6-8 ounces of water and 21-2 tablespoons of ACV to the feed to acclimate the horse to the taste and mixture. As with your household pet, a horse may not eat it at first so it’s best to start them off slowly with the above dosage. For dogs and cats, we recommend an n even smaller dosage of ACV.

The neat thing about it is that once the horse acclimates itself to it, you can add an herb or two that can further assist in any ailment that it has. Yes, it’s safe to give horses herbs provided the dosage and toxicity checks and balances are in place. Furthermore, it helps with the finicky horses that tend not to drink water from new sources. All that is needed is about 2 tablespoons to a bucket and the mare or stallion will remember the smell and taste from the feed from the grain and should drink it normally. You can also rub ACV on the horses legs, knees and hocks using 3 parts Absorbine Veterinary Liniment and 1 part ACV using a leg decent leg brace. Be certain however that the brace is dry as it can cause burning of the horses skin.

Since horses stand, this makes for a great remedy in preventing puffs or swelling. The special mixture in the leg wrapping warms and gets into the skin thus reducing swelling and pain.

Horses suffer back pain too and sore necks just like us so again using one cup of ACV, about 5 gallons of heated water and one cup of the Liniment, you can rub it on the areas of the horse and make his or her life more soothing especially after a good equestrian exercise. Very important to make sure the water is hot enough to not be able to touch it and saturate some large towels in the liniment and ACV mixture and rub it on the areas that could be the source of pain. Try keeping the towels on the horse for at least a half an hour or until the towel is cooled. Your horse will love you forever. Yes, there are more uses for apple cider vinegar and horses that space will not permit but be sure to check out more articles relevant to this subject.

Biotin Vitamin Hair Growth

They could have tried a lot of things to prevent or to lose thinning of the hair. One of the things you want to check out  is this biotin hair growth formula called Provillus for men and women. This vitamin is important not only because of the physical features that it supports, but it also helps strengthen your hair and nails. It can be regarded as food for the biotin hair because it helps keep them strong and healthy.

You can track your Biotin vitamin intake by using  a chart when you take it orally. However, the sub-lingual kind, that which dissolves under your tongue may be better way to take. Why is this so? Simply you will notice that the substance which you take down is cleaved by the stomach acids in case looking at your intestinal tract.

Biotin is a substance which is naturally in our body and helps in metabolizing the energy we derive from food. The lack of biotin can result in our body result thinning, breakage and loss of hair. Pregnant women are at higher risk of biotin deficiency and this makes them lose more hair.

You can find this vitamin in the different types of food, the egg yolks, brown rice, peas and soya beans contain. Alternate forms are also available such as shampoos and biotin hair growth supplements or pills. When you get to your biotin from the diet, avoid a lot of protein next to her. This is because, Biotin binds easily with protein, it means it’s influence on the absorption in the body. It is best that you can add a high-protein diet when taking this vitamin or more to avoid if you consume protein.

Current solutions such as shampoos and sprays to be ineffective. This is because biotin is not easy in our scalp so that current solutions can be absorbed useless.

A lot of Biotin supplement users reported visible improvement in their hair, skin and nails. You do not have to worry about side effects because there are none. Just make sure to check out how much biotin the product contains.  We recommend that you take this vitamin orally, either food supplements biotin-rich foods.

Lateral Knee Pain

You may be wondering why you would actually experience knee pains even when you are not being physically active. The truth is that even when you are just sitting, you could still suffer from some bad and severe Knee Pain. What you may have in this respect is a lateral knee pain. It must be pointed out though that this kind of pain is not experienced only by those who are sitting. In fact, many athletes also suffer this particular kind of knee problem. This is the reason why it is only right that you try to get to know more about this.

A lateral knee pain is actually one wherein the pain actually originates from the outside of the knee. For athletes, this condition is generally caused by ITBS or the Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Not all kinds of athletes encounter this issue though but only those whose sports involved the constant and forceful movement of the knees. Examples of such athletes are the runners and the cyclists. Usually, once the pain is felt, you may hear some clicking sounds when you move your knees. The problem here is that the pain could become really bad. In fact, the knee pain when sitting is not much different when you are actually physically active.

Knee and ankle pain are both related to problems with joints. However, the good thing about knee pain is that it has undergone a specific study. There are doctors who are specialists in ITBS and they are ones who would also rather make sure that the knee pain is treated not for what it is but for the real health conditions that surround it. Apparently, the best way to treat this particular kind of knee pain is not through palliatives but through methods that would result in permanent relief. With many doctors specializing in this part, you certainly need not worry about your condition.

The most basic remedy to lateral knee pain, just like the other types, is massaging. The massage may not bring about long-lasting solutions but it would certainly produce a soothing effect that would naturally make the pain more bearable. While massaging, it would be good to apply some liniment or oil which have properties that could make the hand’s motion more effective. Of course, the knees should also be rested before and after the massage is done. This is to make sure that there would be no further movements that could harm the knees again.

A lateral knee pain may seem not very serious at first. This impression is usually carried by those who experience the pain for the first time and those who do not really know much about knee pains. However, as soon people understand what it really is, appreciating the real causes and severity of this particular knee pain would be encouraged. Of course, this would result in efforts towards viable solutions that would really make the knee less painful or permanently better. You could learn more about such knee pain from other resources too.

22 Weeks Pregnant Belly Plus Size

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Is It Safe to Do Abdominal Exercises While Pregnant?

Dog Park

I am thankful for the amazing dog park that is within walking distance of my parents house. It was such a blessing to watch my dog run freely around today. Besides being fun for the dogs, it is a beautiful place for people to walk through too. It felt so good to be out in nature, getting exercise, and watching my dog run freely down the trails and in and out of the bushes.

Enjoy Your Furry People

Aren’t dogs great, after all dog spelled backwards is …

My Cocker Spaniel Muffin passed many years ago, he was the son my father (also gone) never had. LOL
I live in NYC (Bronx) and love to people watch, especially at those little doggie parks. They sure do look like they’re having a blast.
*If I had a pet right now, I’d be cooking my own food for them. Pet Food Recall was an eye-opener.

ps. My dog is buried in Hartsdale Pet Cemetery (New York), in a grave marked Peppy. Peppy was my Aunt & Uncle’s poodle. They didn’t have children, so Peppy was “The Man”. He got the full treatment when he died. Many years later when his cousin Muffin passed, my Uncle Chick (Joe), let us put our Muffin with him. Funny at one time I had thought about making a doggy-sitting/walking business.

I can see how wonderful!

I can just picture how wonderful this must have felt! I also have a dog and watching her run and play fills my heart with so much joy. She is everything to me. I wish you many many joyous times with your dog and nature and that you will have special memories to fondly reflect on! Good for you!

Body temperature drops

My Spouse’s condition-

When resting(sitting down, etc.) she will become very cold having the inability to warm up. She says that it feels like her insides are freezing i.e. bones.
This has bothered her as well has been occurring for 4 to 6 moths. We do not know where to turn, through searching we have found no relief or answers. She has brought this information to her doctor’s attention on numerous occasions. Her doctor provided no answer, he recommended getting a small dog(lap dog) which for me was not a sufficient solution.She does ail from Osteoarthritis and chronic pain syndrome in her lower back.She is only 37. She does take some medications regularly for pain and arthritis and has her blood-work evaluated every other month. We are both in bad shape due to chronic illness as well permanent damage from an auto accident so we have not had the ability to exercise for a few years. I ask for help if there is anyone out there who may have an educated guess to what the cause maybe as well what medical attention she should pursue beyond her primary physician.

Momedy: ‘Additives’ in Drinking Water

No wonder I’m not losing weight. Even the water in my house is loaded with those infernal carbs.

Once again, late at night, I hit the kitchen for some bottled water. I find a bottle of Fiji water – don’t give me that look, our usual water brand is President’s Choice – and chug it. It has that lovely sweetness of Fiji water, that beautiful silvery flavour that almost justifies all the carbon it burns to get it here from overseas. Then, it fades to carbs.

It fades to the carby, greasy flavour that I (so embarrassing to admit) immediately recognize as my five-year-old’s backwash, specifically. I turn on the light. Stuff is suspended in the water.

When will I ever learn: it’s just not safe to drink anything you haven’t drawn from the proverbial well yourself in the nuthouse I live in. Between the cats slurping away at your glass with their assy cat saliva, and The Little Nutball and her carb-loaded backwash, the water here just isn’t safe. Plus I have a city health inspector coming to check our tap water for lead tomorrow. When it rains water problems, it really pours.

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Couple Q&A: “The Michaels” First Legally Married Gay Couple in Canada


Ever wish you could spend the night as a fly on the wall in another couple’s house? What do they fight about? How do they makeup? What can’t they forgive? Relationships aren’t easy so any insight into how other people make their marriages and relationships work (or what happened when they couldn’t) is insightful and often relieving.

Every other week, Sarah Treleaven will be that fly on the wall when she gets nosy with both parties in a relationship.

This week: Michael Leshner and Mike Stark

Status: Married for four-and-a-half years, together for twenty-six-and-a-half years.

Mike Stark (left) and Michael Leshner and their dog Schmikey. “You can have those moments about cleaning up and who throws out the garbage and all that nonsense, but it’s really a love story,” says Leshner of the couple’s over 26-year relationship.

Q: How did you meet?

Michael: We met in 1981, in a bar, and it was our first relationship. Mike wasn’t out of the closet, and I was, and homophobia was rampant. An actuary would have said that there was zero chance of this relationship succeeding.

Q: Was it love at first sight?

Michael: It was more lust at first sight – we’re talking about the 80s, before HIV and AIDS. That was the reality in the gay community. It was rare to see people trying to establish a long-term monogamous relationship. For most gay men, it was sex – and, if necessary, penicillin. Falling in Love Takes Less Than a Second and you will find more details.

Mike: We had no road map. We had a no role models. We really were walking around in the dark. I think we’re a lot stronger because of that experience. We had to go through quite a few challenges that the average couple doesn’t.

Michael: There were various forks in the road along the way. What people see at the end is the winners, but there’s a very tumultuous path that you have to wind around. I used to describe it as a jungle, and there were all sorts of predatory animals around. We both had to make choices.

Q: What was it that kept you together, particularly in a time of sexual experimentation and tremendous obstacles to a monogamous relationship?

Mike: Well, I think it was more difficult for me because I was ten years younger than Michael. He had been out longer. In the first few years, that was one of the things I had to deal with. Did I want this to be my first and only relationship? Michael understood where I was coming from, and I think, ultimately, we just both realized that what we did have was special and was worth fighting for and working at. I always joke, “Do you really want to break someone else in after all these years?”

Q: You married in June 2003 and became the first gay couple to be legally married in Canada. When did you actually start advocating?

Michael: The first major battle that Mike and I participated in was winning same-sex benefits and pensions for all spouses of government employees. I brought that application in 1988, and we won that in 1992. Once we started down the road of recognizing gay and lesbian relationships as couples, there were a number of other battles that we participated in, including child adoption. The gay marriage case was filed in 1999 or 2000.

Q: Why did you decide to marry after twenty-two years together?

Michael: In my mind, in all honesty, it was less the personal need to marry – which was certainly a factor – and much more that the last refuge of homophobia was in marriage.

Q: Did the publicity have an impact on your relationship?

Mike: I don’t think it changed us. I think it’s propelled us into the public eye. Even to this day we’ll get stopped and thanked for what we did – you know, you’ve allowed us to get married or my son or daughter to get married. It’s wonderful to hear the good that’s come out of it.

Michael: Why our particular story resonated so well is interesting because we’re a middle-aged couple. In a youth, sex-oriented culture, we certainly don’t represent that. But it’s interesting because as our name became popular – “The Michaels” – obviously something we were talking about moved a lot of

Q: Do you think your political activity has contributed to your longevity as a couple?

Michael: No. Long before that, over the years, crises entered into the relationship and strengthened the relationship. As the years have gone by, Michael’s father died, my mother died, my father died. You have so many common, shared experiences that if you still love one another, it becomes deeper and stronger.

Mike: I wouldn’t say that it’s kept us together. What it has done is that the political experiences we’ve had have made our lives much richer and more exciting. June 10, 2003 – we probably won’t ever be able to replicate that experience, that feeling of euphoria. But it’s something that we can always look back on. We’ve had some tough times, as you do in any relationship, but we’ve had some extremely high times, as well.

Michael: You can have those moments about cleaning up and who throws out the garbage and all that nonsense, but it’s really a love story. And in this case, it was a love story that was allowed to grow and overcome the odds. I think we’re both very mindful of just how many people faltered along the way because they were afraid, there was too much prejudice, or there were too many obstacles. And it really helps to have an extremely strong bond and not let anything prevent you from picking yourself up and moving on to the next challenge.

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Confessions of a Male Shopaholic

The difference between shopaholism and the other -oholisms (e.g. choc and alc) is that the worse the addiction gets, the better you look.

I’ve never been prone to any kind of addiction before. And as a teenager and young man, I was almost completely indifferent to clothes and matters of style.

Maybe that’s why I’ve fallen prey to this dreadful form of -oholism. I didn’t build up enough antibodies when I was young!

Also there are three stores in Mack’s area triangulated and calculated to keep my wallet-finger twitchingthat are aimed directly at the “sweet spot” of the Daddy’s style-sense.

The one is almost a high-end army-surplus store where the ownera military nerd, if that’s not too oxymoronicsells vintage and/or selvage jeans, old Omega officer’s watches, “dead stock” hats and trench coats and shoes and boots bombers and paratrooper jackets, and all kinds of other deeply interesting stuff.

Another is “Spectacle,” a high-end glasses shop in Mack’s hood.

I went in after a viewing of an old Michael Caine movie, Blame it On Rio, featuring among other things a topless 20-year-old Demi Moore. Michael Caine lusts after his friend’s daughter, who seems to be either topless or nude 75% of the time.

And at one point Michael Caine puts on these GIANT glasses, and Ms. Daddy and I were laughing at them: “Oh, look, ha-ha-ha, they’re ridiculous.”

But then Mack started scratching his chin: “Hmmm, actually I love them.”

And I’ve been on a quest for ever larger glasses ever since, the bigger the better. The first time I went into Spectacle I said: “I was watching this Michael Caine movie last night, and…”

“Oh, Michael Caine’s our hero. We have a picture of him in the back room.”

“Uh-oh,” I thought, and right there the Mack knew he was doomed to spend many hundreds, if not thousands of dollars there.

And sure enough, it has come to pass.

“Is that another pair of glasses?” Ms. Daddy will ask in astonishment.

Hey, I try to explain to her: My father had a mid-life crisis and started buying sports cars. Much more expensive. You’re getting off lightly.

To which Ms. Daddy, sensible woman she is, actually agreed.

But by far the deadliest store is the Fred Perry shop that is exactly en route between Mack’s house and my office.

Fred Perry stuff is a weakness anyway: it’s a little street, a little preppy, a little punk, a little classy, yet a little gangster, somehow, all at once. Perfect for Mack’s new “Gangster Nerd” look.

Then there are three charming, chic women, all looking v. sharp in their own Fred Perry-wear, in there complimenting the Daddy: “Oooh, that looks nice on you, that’s perfect, it’s just right.”

And Mack’s head starts to spin, and suddenly my wallet’s out.

Or they might say very little. I’ll come out of the change room and one of them will say, with ultra-finality: “There you go.”

And walk away. Thus causing the wheels of Mack’s head to turnand so I begin to sell myself!!!

Either way I will all-too-often wind up with yet another expensive little item in a tiny, tasteful paper bag.

The good news is: Mack’s style is evolving at an alarming rate, and threatens to leave all but the most obsessed fashion-masters in the dust.

The other good news is: It’s so out of control Mrs. Daddy doesn’t even ask, anymore, what things cost. She has finally taken to heart, I guess, my oft-repeated statement: “You don’t want to know.”

The bad news sticks its tongue out at me in the form of a receit every time I go to the bank machine.

But I ignore it. Crumple and toss, don’t even look, that’s my motto.

Kids, I don’t suggest you adopt my money-management approach at home, but for me, for the present, it’s probably the best way for me to be handling my “finances.”

Churn, earn, and burn, baby! There ain’t no turning back now!

Reptile shops are the best place

People are in love with a lot of animals, and they keep some of them in their homes as well. However, not all animals (pets) can be kept at home without the proper and necessary to be taken before they are brought in. Usually, the rule of law id that we get our pets covered with insurance; get them medicated and most of all ensure that they can be kept at a safe and sound place, so that they feel at home too. After all these things are done, you can bring any pet to your house. For the best experience, reptile shops are the best place for you to go to.

Reptiles are one of the most common pets that people like to own, especially the ones like turtles and tortoises. Although, some daring people do tend to keep some dangerous reptiles at their homes, such as crocodiles, and snakes too. Even though, it may seem crazy but people have a liking to these lizards, and they would do anything to have them as pets. Then again, there are certain things which need to be done before you could get to have a reptile as a pet at their homes. For the most perfect care for your reptile pet, it is highly recommended that you visit a reptile shop.

There are a lot of reptile shops in the market, which are offering top class services to many customers. These services include neutering practices, sexing medicines, reptile supplies, etc. a lot of owners, who get a reptile for the first time, they don’t know how to feed them properly, as no matter how strong willed they are, there is always a hint of danger when dealing with dangerous animals, and this leads to the pets being underfed, making them malnutrition too. Therefore, the reptile shops are the best place for such an owner, who could have the proper guidance for feeding their pets, and soon they will learn to shed their fear and be confident on their own.

On the other hand, it is a good idea to keep in touch with reptile shops, as they will make it easy for you to get the proper medical checkup for your pets. A lot of these shops now have professional veterinarians working for them, and this gives them a chance to offer medical services to their clients too. You can find out about your pets health, and get them vaccinated every once in a while too.

Along with all the pet care stuff, you can get top of the line supplies for your pets, like new and stylishly designed tanks, and moreover, food items of the famous brands, so that you don’t have to go far away to get anything that your pet requires. Therefore reptile shops are the best for you. All the major accessories that pets usually need are available in wide varieties at most of the reptile shops. Find a shop near your house, and you will be at ease for the times to come. You and your pet will both be happy and comfortable.