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Finally Getting Off Our Butts and Going Somewhere, Part 2

So we’re going to Mexico, for a friend’s wedding, without the kids. Or the dog. Or the snake. Or the cat. Or the rats.

For a wedding – but for my wife Pam and I it’ll be like a second honeymoon.

Me and Pam in Mexico, ideally.

At, least, I’m hoping. I’m picturing From Here to Eternity-esque makeout sessions on a moonlit beach, the salty water washing over our bodies, but us not noticing, thanks to our rediscovered passion for one another, combined with a blood-margarita level of .50.

And, uh, moonlit strolls and…uh, stuff. Oh, shoot, I just remembered: Valentine’s Day is coming up. You single people think you got it rough? Valentine’s Day is a lot of pressure for us married dudes, too.

Because you can’t be too corny. Your wife knows you too well, and chocolates and little frilly things don’t cut it. You have to dig deep and come up with something that expresses the love that is now deeper, more shaded and realistic.

Oh, well, my problem.Though I would accept all gift suggestions: what do you get a woman you’ve been with 15 years?

(I already know the answer: diamonds. But anything that’s more, y’know, less expensive?)

Anyway, my problem. Back to Mexico. Last time we went somewhere without the kids it didn’t work out too well.

But that was 9 years ago, and we only had one kid: Nick, then age 2.

The very most northernmost tip of Ireland. Another far-flung wedding. The plan was: do the wedding, then head down, Pam and I, just the two of us, for a week in Dublin, home of Bono and Ireland’s Capital of Fun!

Nick was with my mother, in Toronto. After we got back from the wedding, our first night in Dublin, the beginning of our first tete-a-tete time together since The Advent of Nick, Pam made the mistake of phoning home. She chatted with Mom a bit, then Mom put Nick on.

“MOM I MISS YOU,” he wailed, then basically had a nervous breakdown. Pam did too.

The next day she took a standby flight home. I stayed, out of stubbornness, an extra day and night in Dublin, but then that seemed dumb and I hopped on a standby too.

Of course, when Pam got home, Nick was fine. In fact, first thing he did was get mad at her about some trivial thing.

Not gonna happen this time, though. As soon as we get there, get unpacked in our little “palapa,” I’m going to confiscate her passport. If she wants it, well, let just say she’ll have to be pretty persuasive.

In the meantime, I’ll put on a little Barry White, mix up a couple of high-octane margaritas, slip into my sexiest huabanyero shirt, and become my alter ego, “The Doctor of Love.”

The doctor is in. The way I operate you won’t need no anaesthetic. With surgical skill, I will remove all doubt that you will soon be mine.

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10 Exercises for a Jean-Worthy Butt

Why I Love My Wife


Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers, would-be lovers, and those with love in their hearts.
I would like to take this opportunity to mount a spirited defense of married love.

It doesn’t have to be all downhill from here.
I don’t want to be a “smug married.” On the other hand, the modern marital relationship is taking a bad rap in the media. In movies like Knocked Up, and elsewhere, the women are shrews, the men ineffectual, everyone seems annoyed with one another, on the verge of strangling one another, or else just completely alienated.

In *Knocked Up, Pete, the married guy, tells Seth Rogan: “Marriage is like an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, * except it’s not funny and everyone’s pissed off all the time. Marriage is like a tense, unfunny episode of Everybody Loves Raymond that doesn’t just last 22 minutes, it lasts your whole life.”

Not (necessarily) true! True for many, I know. But I’m here to tell you it can go the other way, too.

I love my wife, Pam, more than ever. We get along, I think, better than ever. Partly, it’s just luck. As Calvin Trillin said when people asked him how he had such a great marriage (his book, *About Alice, * which he published after her death, was such a charming, moving portrait of a good marriage that people were giving it to strangers on the subway), said: “I just wandered into the right party.”

And it’s true: I wandered into the right party, and met the right person. But we’ve had our problems, too. Sometimes you can have problems, and solve them, and you grow closer.

To take a minor, trivial example (only because it would be inappropriate to talk about serious problems here): when we lived in a loft with walls that didn’t quite come up to the ceiling (even in the bathroom) it used to drive me crazy her yakking on the phone. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t read, I couldn’t concentrate on anything when she was talking. I would say “Could you, like, make your calls a little shorter?”

Her response, quite rightly, was: “How dare you tell me how long I can talk on the phone?”

And we had a number of quite serious arguments stemming from that. At several points,
I’m pretty sure she wanted to hit me. A couple of times I think she actually did.

Real estate solved that problem. Now that we live somewhere that has rooms with doors that shut, I couldn’t care less how long she talks for. Phone-issues are no longer among our problems.

There will always be problems. But other problems get solved like that, too, over time. And your relationship can actually become more, rather than less in harmony with one another. It’s tough living under the same roof with anyone. You just have to be committed to the constant tweakage and damage control required to keep things on an even keel.

The prize, the elixir, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is that you are loved for your true self. When I was single, you know, I always had to be “on,” I always felt I was putting on this big act, especially when it came to (ahem) physical encounters.

Oh, yeah, when you’re single every encounter has to result in both parties being transported, teleported to the moon on waves of orgiastic Tantric ecstasy.

It’s kind of a relief to put all that showboating and histrionics aside, to tell you the truth. And to be loved warts and all. Pam’s seen me tired, sick, pale, cranky, “off,” unreasonable, insensitive, cheap, foolish, selfish, boring, long-winded, lazy, dull-witted, dim-witted, forgetful, foolish, frazzled; I’ve lied, broken promises, failed to live up to commitments, and left soggy towels and socks on the floor.

But she still loves me (“Why?” you may be thinking: well, for one thing, I’m a good cook). She knows me inside out-“I know you better than you know yourself, Dave,” as she always claims-but she loves me anyway. And I love her, every second of every day.

If anything, it’s all going by too fast.

“Forty years with her won’t be enough,” I said in my wedding speech. “It’s going to go by like that.”

I snapped my fingers. End of speech. “Thank you ladies and gentlemen.” The women in the audience loved that. They ate it up with a spoon.

But it’s proved to be prophetic. Eleven years have gone by since I snapped my fingers. They’ve gone by in a flash. Where did the time go? I want more!

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Annals of Bad Parenting and Being a Bad Person Part 1


Sunday morning after a big snowfall, my wife Pam said to me as she was about to take the kids to her office kiddie Christmas party (she doesn’t even ask if I want to go to these things anymore): “Dave, you should shovel our walk and Audrey’s too. She’s all alone, and she’s old.”

Audrey’s our next-door neighbour. She’s become a widower in the last year. Her husband, who would sit on the porch endlessly smoking, died. A little old Portuguese lady, very sad now. Very cute: always brings our kids little bags of sugar-coated peanuts she made.

And of course if I were a real man and not some kind of half-man, and a better person than I am, I would’ve done it.

I meant to do it! I was planning to! But I was also feeling a little peckish, so I thought first maybe a little lunch—maybe a nice mushroom omelette, yum—then maybe check my e-mails, go on Facebook…

Then tackle it! Fresh air! Exercise! Etc.! Best thing in the world for a person!

But just as I was finishing my omelette, an enterprising neighbourhood 20-something guy with a shovel over his shoulder knocked on the door and offered to do it for $10.

And what can I say? The part of me that is weak, spineless, and doesn’t really feel like exercise and fresh air, the part that would rather just sit inside covered in an afghan and eating popcorn on a cold, snowy day, said: “You got yourself a deal buddy. Get cracking and I’ll get the dough.” (He’d just finished Audrey’s sidewalk so I was off the hook there.)

But when I checked my wallet it was empty. So what do I do? Filch through one of my kid’s piggy banks to come up with the necessary.

Now, you’re probably thinking: “Ah, no, Dave, we don’t want to picture you furtively rummaging through your kid’s piggy bank, like a raccoon going through someone’s garbage, all because you’re too lazy to do a little shovelling!”

Hey, I never said I was Jimmy Stewart. And Pam’s really been taking this “parenting” thing up a notch, lately. Lying around watching TV and keeping the kids injury-free is apparently not good enough anymore: We’ve all got to do more stuff. They already take piano and guitar, now they’ve got to get back into swimming and take karate and hockey and yadda yadda yadda.

Yikes! I already got plenty of stuff to do! I spend half my life in the kitchen, making meals or doing dishes, the immortal dishes; the other half writing and trying to make a living; and the other half doing other stuff like walk the dog! That’s three halves, people! Is it any wonder I snapped up a shovelling offer like a…snapping turtle…snaps at…whatever it is they snap at?

And I’d been out the night before and had about 100 glasses of wine with dinner. And—ha-ha—I mean: I’m gonna pay the kid back! Obviously! I mean, it’s not like I’m gonna forget to replace the $10 and then forget the whole thing completely until said kid comes up to me in hysterical tears a few weeks later to tell me that someone has “stolen” money out of his piggy bank! That’s not gonna happen!


Marilu Henner’s Major Weight-Loss

Curious to know how celebrities squeeze fitness into their daily lives? The expert on all things fitness, Fitz sits down with the stars and digs out their great and not-so-great methods for staying healthy. 

Marilu Henner has made the transition from hard partying Taxi actor to bestselling author of health and wellness books. The busy Hollywood star, who still finds time to grace the small and large screens (she guest starred on NBC’s recent ER finale and spent time on Celebrity Apprentice last year), divulges what she loves most about herself and talks about her progression from fat to fit — she shed 54 pounds and has kept it off for 21 years.

Fitz: You’ve gone from actress to passionate health advocate. Tell me about this evolution.

Marilu: I used to be a terrible Chicago-style eater. I had a diet heavy in all sorts of meat, and I would starve all day to eat half a gallon of ice cream at night. I smoked, I was fat, constipated and had pimples too.

Fitz: That lifestyle is typical of so many people. How did you manage to look like such a hottie on “Taxi.”

Marilu: I knew exactly how to work the system. I could lose 20 pounds quickly without even thinking about it. It was crazy, though. When I got my first job, I was told to lose weight. Instead, I gained a bunch.

Fitz: Would your career have been different if you knew then what you know now?

Marilu: If I were legitimately healthy and fit back then, I’m confident I would have had a great variety of better jobs. Fitness provides confidence, and I could have used that.

Fitz: You’re now well known for your books, including the newly-released “Wear Your Life Well,” and seminars on healthy living, but you don’t have a traditional education in health and fitness. How did that happen?

Marilu: My parents died in their 50s and that was just a huge reality check for me. I decided to take control of my health and my life. I vigorously pursued knowledge on the subject and was compelled to share what I learned.

Fitz: What advice do you have for the average Jane or Joe just trying to become more fit?

Marilu: Where you want to be and where you are may not be so far apart.

A few of the topics covered in “Wear Your Life Well” are:

  • Set up your environment to win.
  • Identify, “detrigger” and get over self-sabotage.
  • Love the foods that love you.
  • Be able to go for the light instead of the dark in any situation.
  • Get in sync with your sexual you.

Fitz: You clearly have learned to take great care of yourself. What are your top five favorite things about you, physically speaking?

Marilu: My legs (even when I weighed 174, I still rocked my legs). I’d just put on a short skirt, super high heels and go), my eyes, my hair, my gusto and my cheekbones — I love my jawline and facial structure. I play the role of a dead person perfectly!

How I Stay Fit: Miss Bikini Universe

Kim Allan may have one of the most stacked fitness resumes we’ve ever come across. The pro fitness model, Miss Bikini Universe, professional actor and dancer also finds time to teach Naughty Hottie Fitness classes in Toronto. We’re exhausted just thinking about it!

Here she shares some of her secrets to keeping her body in tip-top shape.

Q: As a pro fitness model, actress, dancer and fitness instructor, being in shape is part of the job. Does exercising and eating well just come naturally or do you still have to think about it?

A: I naturally include a wide range of healthy food in my diet. My body craves a balance of lean proteins, veggies, fruits and whole grains and functions best when those requirements are met. Along with healthy eating I drink lots of water. Having said that I am just like anyone else and fall victim to social gatherings, baking, stress, emotional eating and raging hormones! Eating a healthy well-balanced diet takes thought and planning definitely and doesn’t happen by accident. You have to decide to do so and follow through. I’m lucky that exercise comes much more naturally to me than balanced nutrition but it does take making the time. I enjoy physical activity and don’t feel right if I am not active almost everyday. However, as an actress my schedule is often very erratic and finding the time and sticking to my appointments with fitness is sometimes challenging.

Q: What does your current exercise routine look like?

A: As I am not training for fitness competitions my exercise schedule is much lighter and less regimented. A typical week is four to five sessions of an hour of cardio a week, teaching three classes a week, two weight training sessions a week and anywhere between one to three classes a week of either dance, pilates, bootcamp, boxing or skipping.

Q: What are some of your favourite healthy snacks?

A: I love oatmeal! Sometimes I will eat it three days a week. I will add strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cinnamon and Splenda. I have this for breakfast almost every morning. Or, I will have a Granny Smith apple and peanut butter. I also enjoy no-fat yogurt, berries and raw almonds together as well as Daryl’s High Energy bars.

Q: Do you face any challenges in your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: Sure we all face challenges. Time, lack of energy, lack of sleep, and sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated.

Q: What are your long-term health goals?

A: My long-term health goals would include continuing to nurture and maintain my body as I age. I try my best to eat for health. I would love to further my pilates work to include work on the reformer (a piece of equipment designed to add resistance) and one of these days I would like to conquer ballroom dance. I just try and take care of my body and appreciate it in all it’s different states as I know this is the only body I will ever get so I have to love it and look after it.

Q: As an actress and a dancer, you’re surrounded by people who make looking great look easy. Can you

A: Staying active. Especially when it comes to dancers. I know professional dancers who are now 60 years old and they are in better shape, have better posture, and flexibility than most 20 year olds. But more than that they have an inner light, joy and lightness about their being because they are still doing something they love. Other things to keep in mind are not eating complex carbohydrates late at night , stop eating a couple hours before bed, use portion control and most of all, maitain consistency.

List of the Most Pesticide-Laden Produce

Peaches, apples, sweet bell peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, kale, lettuce and imported grapes – these are the top ten most pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables available for sale in the U.S. according to the newest Environmental Working Group report.

Realted Reading: Organic Produce: Is It Really Better?

The full report lists 47 different types of produce and ranks them from worst (most pesticide residue) to best (least pesticide residue).

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit organization that advocates on Capitol Hill for health-protective and subsidy-shifting policies, suggest that people avoid excessive pesticide exposure by staying away from the foods in the 12 heaviest pesticide slots, which they refer to as the “dirty dozen”. From the website “An EWG simulation of thousands of consumers eating high and low pesticide diets shows that people can lower their pesticide exposure by almost 80 percent by avoiding the top twelve most contaminated fruits and vegetables and eating the least contaminated instead.” One could also avoid pesticide exposure by choosing organic produce over conventionally grown.

The ten conventionally grown fruits and veggies found to have the least amount of residual pesticides are onions, avocados, frozen corn, pineapple, mango, asparagus, frozen peas, kiwi, cabbage, eggplant and papaya. While this list is intended for American consumers, it still has relevance for Canadian consumers as produce imported for Canadians often comes from the same places; often from the U.S. itself. A wallet-sized abbreviated chart which shows the “dirty dozen” and the “clean fifteen” is available for download from EWG’s Food News website.

Alcohol and your system

The definitions surrounding alcohol, alcoholics, alcohol abuse, well, they are extremely open-ended, sometimes can seem very subjective, and at best confusing. No two people really have the same definition or idea about what alcohol abuse really is. Each person experiences alcohol in such a different way. It causes so many different physical, and physiological changes in people, it is hard to set boundaries broad-range and across the board.

QnA here:

My new primary care doc has requested that i have a complete blood work up done, i broke my neck several years ago and suffering from chronic pain syndrome, i have been going to a pain management doc and have been prescribed with everything including a fetnanyl patch (sp) sometimes the meds that i’m on would probably put most people in a coma but i don’t get relief so when the pain is so bad i result in drinking just to alleviate or numb the pain just so i can sleep, can somebody help me cuz i tested positive for alcohol and now they want a psych eval before they will give me any meds and i am so tired of everyone thinking i’m nuts HELP!!!!!

i am still trying to help my son. he was accused of having alcohol in his system when he does not drink at all. he was send back to prison for this mistake. he tested positive after a breathalyzer test, but he went to hospital to get more reliable blood test and all test done there were negative but this people will not consider that information he submitted as proof. right now he is waiting for an answer on his second appeal. has anyone out there been in this situation, if yes please contact me… thanks

I recommend you get yourself a good lawyer! A good lawyer will help you in your case because for any offense of a DUI/DWI you do not have to go to jail! You’ll only go when you get caught and get a bond! You can fight it and your son will be alright! Keep the faith up!

im still here worrying about my son. he is still waiting on results of his 2nd appeal its been over a month in half since they were supposed to give him an answer and so far they haven’t responded. the problem here is did not drink no alcohol as they accused him of. he has been alcohol free for 5 yrs. what we are trying to proof is he was falsely accused. we have all the proofs but they will not consider any . if some one out there can advise me on how we can fix this problem please contact me. thanks

What state do you live in? It also depends on the state you live in! I know for a fact that California and Texas have one of the strictest DUI and DWI punishments but with a good lawyer you can get it expunged. I have a friend that got arrested 2 days ago in California. He is already out of jail, he paid a lawyer to help him out! Also be sure not to get ripped off for there are lawyers that charge too much that will just milk money however they can. If you get yourself a decent lawyer your son should be able to get out asap! That is my recommendation! To get a decent lawyer willing to help you out!

We live in texas. i will be looking for a lawyer soon. its not fair he has already been in jail for 8 months, for something he didn’t do. nobody can give us any answers. if anyone out there has been in this situation please contact me. thanks

Yes, get a lawyer! There is no reason for him to be in jail unless he was caught with something else (drugs or if he crashed). Those are the only reasons, or if you live in a dry county that could also be why. It does not matter though, I used to work in the oil rigs and a lot of guys would get pulled over for DWI here in Texas so yes, get a good lawyer! It does not matter if he blew .04 or .22, he should not be locked up! Is it just the DWI he received? Or did he cause an accident or had any drugs with him? Get a good lawyer, tell him/her about your situation, tell them you want to put an interlock device on your car so they have proof that he doesn’t drink! I wish you the best of luck and keep your faith up! He has his Miranda Rights; if the cop didn’t follow procedures and regulations, invest to sue the city or town were you live. It will be a very long process but you deserve to get everything back for those 8 months lost for all your family and especially your son!

no my son was not driving. he was on home confinement and schedule to be release from prison on December of 2009. he went to halfway house for a breathalyzer test as required from him. he went there straight from work. he does not drink at all but his test came back positive. he insisted they do a second test but they denied that. thats when he himself called ambulance to transport him to hospital. there all his blood work test came back negative for alcohol or drugs, he is innocent of all the changes he was accused of. that’s when they send him back to prison. he was only 26 days away from being released. do you think he would do any thing to jeapordize his release. i have been investigating and on that same week people at halfway house send about 10 inmates back for the same reason and none of those had drank alcohol either, so there is something going on at that place. if someone can give me info. on this please contact me…thanks

I am sorry that your son is going through this. The 1st thing that shouts out is CONSPIRACY!Other than hiring a PI to thoroughly investigate the situation, your only other options would be to get an atty and have he/she who knows the laws of your state inside and out, pull the documents related to the case. Speak to the witnesses, and file for an appeal. I don’t know how many appeals you are allowed in Texas, but I would be very careful not to use up all of them before getting an atty… Why wasn’t he appointed one before he went back to prison?
Anyone, good luck, and I will pray that your son will be released very soon. I know a mothers heart can not stand the thought of her child in prison. It is just way too much to handle. God Bless!

Thank you so much for understanding what i am going thru. my son is doing ok he was send back to home confinement last month but he wont be release from prison until January. he has gone thru a lot all this months since they send him back to prison, and all because the breathalyzer test was positive. he does not drink at all, and during that time that this happen to him at this place it happen to several other inmates. he went thru 2 appeals already and both were denied because according to them he does not have any evidence to proof his inocense, what more evidence do they need, they have his hospital report he had done right after that test and it shows negative on alcohol and drugs i don’t understand what the problem is i guess they just dont want to admit they were wrong. all of this has been very hard on all the family especially his kids he has 4. i pray everyday that all of this will be over soon. thanks again for your prayers and may god be with you and your family always. janie

Bromelain: Pineapple’s Wonder-Enzyme

Scientists at the Indian Institute of Toxicology Research in India have completed a study on the key enzyme in the pineapple fruit called bromelain. The researchers have found the enzyme to be quite effective in prevention of tumor formation.

The enzyme has previously been discovered to have anti-inflammatory, anti-invasive and anti-metastatic (tumor spreading) properties, but here the scientists studied bromelain’s ability to stop tumors from growing in the first place. In their study on mice the researchers discovered that pre-treatment with bromelain lead to reduction in skin tumor volume by up to approximately 65%. This could prove to be a coherent approach to cancer prevention in the future.

Bromelain has previously been used in the holistic health world as an anti-inflammatory which, in a clinical trial involving patients with periarthritis of the shoulder or osteoarthritis of the knee, was found to be as effective as NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) at reducing inflammation. Other uses of the enzyme have been for reduction of swelling and bruising, decreasing healing time, relief of sore throat, arthritis and gout treatments, and relief of indigestion and heartburn due to the enzyme’s ability to digest proteins.

A rare disease of the immune system with mysterious origins, Mucha Habermann’s Disease (AKA Pityriasis lichenoides chronica or PLC) has been found to respond well to bromelain treatment. Bromelain treatment of PLC, which is characterized by red elevated lesions on the skin, lead to a complete recovery in all treated patients in a 3 month study.

If you’re looking to add more pineapple to your diet for these health benefits of this wonder-enzyme, make sure you use fresh pineapple instead of canned. Due to the heat used in the canning process most if not all of the heat sensitive enzyme is destroyed.

How to Be Single: Mumbai, India

Join Liz Tuccillo (Sex & the City writer, and author of He’s Just Not That Into You and How to Be Single: A Novel) as she travels around the world to explore the global dating habits of single women.

In Mumbai, arranged marriages start to make sense to Liz as she compares the go-it-alone approach in New York to the team effort involved in institutionalized matchmaking. Along the way, she discovers the role of astrology in making a match – “our stars aren’t aligned” can be code for “he could stand to lose a few pounds” – and finds single women who are embracing the option to focus on their careers.

About Raccoons

Raccoons have actually represented the biggest proportion of pet rabies cases reported to CDC because 1990. In 1998, 44 % of all rabies cases amongst animals in the United States happened amongst raccoons. In the United States, 264 cases of raccoon rabies, 35 were reported from 1990 to 1998. Of those 35,033 (99.3 %) happened in western states where raccoon rabies is enzootic.

Because the beginning of the mid atlantic epizootic of rabies including the raccoon-connected version of rabies virus, the epizootic front has actually advanced at approximately 18-24 miles every year (2-4). The development of the epizootic appears most fast in favored raccoon habitats nevertheless, major physiographic barriers, including rivers and range of mountains, can hamper the epizootic progress (3-5). Even though Appalachian Hills slowed the westward development of the epizootic for over a years, raccoon rabies cases are being reported by counties in western North Carolina and western Virginia. The risk of rabies introduction into areas in eastern Ohio quickly might consist of a lot of the border with West Virginia along with the line with Pennsylvania. When raccoon rabies ends up being developed in the Ohio River valley, couple of physio-graphic barriers stay to avoid its spread through the mid-western United States.

Within the northern United States, the raccoon- reached Canada and associated variant of rabies virus has actually crossed the St. Lawrence River. Since January 2000, 8 cases of raccoon rabies have actually been discovered in Ontario (RC Rosatte, OMNR, individual interaction, 2000). Whether Canadian efforts at break out intervention (6) including regional raccoon population control and developing an immune obstacle succeed will certainly need ongoing active surveillance. Nevertheless, until control efforts on both sides of the line work, attacks of infected raccoons into Canada from other websites along the united state border where rabies is endemic will certainly remain to happen.

Although human rabies is unusual within the Usa and Canada, the expenses connected with rabies prevention are considerable (2,7). Where epizootics of raccoon rabies have actually happened, the variety of costly human post-exposure treatments has actually enhanced significantly (8). Although ORV immune barriers to avoid epizootic spread of wildlife rabies occur in a number of states, their upkeep needs substantial annual expenditures (9). Even when financial arguments for using wildlife rabies control in specific situations exist, public service for these actions within the United States and active intervention to control wildlife rabies are restricted. The effectiveness of ORV revealed that targeting raccoon habitats with ORV enhanced vaccination rates to 63 %, which sufficed to stop the spread of rabies in free-running raccoons (10). Nevertheless, ORV or other techniques after the disease has become endemic for reducing or eliminating rabies cases among raccoons are typically unverified and require additional evaluation. In addition to effective public health surveillance and educational  initiatives, prevention of human and domestic animal rabies mainly depends on the general public to decrease the variety of roaming animals and to keep pets vaccinated.

Know more information about raccoon repellent, go here.


Jenkins SR, Perry BD, Winkler WG. Ecology and epidemiology of raccoon rabies. Rev Infect Dis 1998 10(suppl)4:S620-S625.

Ask a Fitness Expert: What Exercise Burns the Most Calories?

After this question answered by a fitness expert, here are some questions as below:

1. I go to the gym 4-5 days a week, I do both Cardio and weights on each gym day. I have 10 – 15 pounds I want to shred but I am having trouble ridding them. I know all about nutrition it’s just that around Thursday I get this urge to down everything in site!! So I cant help it, i go at it like the Tasminian Devil goes after bugs bunny. What do you recommend, is there a tip you can give to get past Thursday. (exclude chaining the fridge, i tried that, did you know, with a little salt, chains are delicious)

2. I am a stay at home Mom who has a 21 month old and a 5 month old. I got pregnant the second time before I had lost all my first baby weight – and gained more with the second.
I am getting married in September this year and really want/need to loose about 40 pounds – I also have high Blood Pressure which is an equally important reason for loosing weight.
I need to be able to work out at home, as I am still breast feeding and the babies have different schedules – I have weights and access to a tread mill. Please recommend what to do and a proper schedule.
I am already watching calories and what I eat.
Looking forward to loosing!

3. How many calories can I burn on a bicycle? Does bike riding get rid of belly fat and thigh fat? If it doesn’t what does? I’m 176 and 5 foot seven inches! I’m the second tallest and the heaviest in the class! I wanna get rid of my body fat!! This stupid test said I was obese and I wanna get it down to healthy by next year.


Spouse of the Week: Britain’s Oddest Couple?

The Daily Mail recently ran a feature on Edna and Simon Martin, whom they call Britain’s “oddest couple.” Why? Because of their almost 40-year age difference. But it’s not what you might think: 73-year-old Edna is the December to Simon’s May.

Edna and Simon married in 2005, brought together by their shared love of music. Prior to Edna, Simon had never had a girlfriend and still lived at home with his parents. He is a talented organist with the ability to hear a song only once before he could play it off the top of his head, but he is also dyslexic and suffers from dyspraxia (which makes him quite clumsy). He has only a quarter of the sight and hearing of most people, and no spatial awareness. “I’ve always felt like the fool,” he told the Daily Mail. “I have to think before I place one foot in front of the other and I’m very clumsy. I can’t even tie my own shoelaces.”

But then he met Edna at an organ concert in 2003. It was love at first sight. “Eddy was a revelation,” Simon, now 35, told the Daily Mail. “We laughed and laughed and laughed. Others may have noticed the age gap, but we certainly didn’t. And she was very glamorous, too.” Edna, who was divorced from a 37-year unhappy marriage, initially encouraged Simon to find someone his own age. But Simon persisted, sending a love letter declaring his intent.

Now living in domestic bliss, Simon and Edna have turned their attention to the shared project of restoring a Compton organ and opening a small, thirties-style cinema in their backyard to show silent movies from the twenties and thirties to musical accompaniment by Simon.

Sure, there’s a possible double standard at play here. Would this story be as charming if it was a much older man with a young woman? Possibly not. But there’s something truly heartwarming in Simon Martin’s discovery of love. And the pair appear to be truly happy. Edna told the Daily Mail that they kiss 150 times a day.