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Introducing Stevia: The ‘Sweet Leaf’ of South America

There are hundreds of species of the genus stevia native to North and South America. Only one of those species, rebaudiana, tastes sweet enough to be called “sweet leaf” in Brazil and Paraguay where it grows wild. In its extracted form, stevia is over 200 times sweeter than sugar!

Stevia, though, is non-glycemic (does not cause blood sugar swings), virtually calorie-free, and does not encourage cavities. All this makes it a great natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

The Problem with Refined Sugar

Why should we avoid sugar? The average American diet includes so many empty calories that there is not enough room for other nutrients. This naturally leads to malnutrition. Also, foods like white sugar and white flour enter the blood stream very quickly, which is not good for anyone. Finally, we know sugar encourages rotten teeth, which stevia does not. In fact, a study at Purdue University showed that it inhibits bacteria that cause cavities.

What About Artificial Sweeteners?

Artificial sweeteners have their problems as well. Even the manufacturers of aspartame admit it should not be used in cooking. When heated, it breaks down into its constituent parts. Aspartame, in fact, has been a major cause of health related complaints to the FDA. Stevia Extract Powder, on the other hand, has not prompted any reports of health problems despite being used in large quantities since the 1970’s in countries such as Japan.

Shopping for Stevia

There are different forms of stevia available at health food stores and various on-line retailers. Dried or fresh leaves (whole) are great for beverages like herb tea. When the dried leaves are powdered in a blender, you have Green Stevia Powder, which has more of a taste of its own. In certain recipes, though, it works fairly well, and includes some nutrients such as chromium. The Powder is around 90% stevioside, the main sweet constituent of stevia. Most types of recipes work well using this white powder, with proper modifications. It generally has very little taste of its own. Look for a product without fillers like maltodextrin. These fillers contribute carbohydrates. Besides, the pure Stevia Extract Powder is a better buy.

Why use?

I encourage people to use these types of products for all the reasons we use artificial sweeteners — to avoid calories, lessen tooth decay, and avoid the fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Yet Stevia rebaudiana is not at all artificial — it’s a plant! Most importantly, stevia and stevioside have a track record of safety, and they help dishes taste great when used correctly.


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How Long Does a Spray tan Last

This is the most typical inquiry inquired about a spray on tan. A regular sunless tan will certainly last anywhere from 3 to 7 days. Nonetheless, that is all depending on particular actions you require to preserve your tan prior to and after its application.

A tip: if a business declares their spray tanning option will certainly last much longer compared to anybody else’s, this is just sales buzz. A sunless tan will just last as long as your skin will certainly enable it and a sunless tan holding its shade past 5 to 7 days is strongly not likely.

That being claimed, allow us check out methods you could make your spray on tan last as long as feasible. Considering that DHA, the energetic component in sunless tanning abide by the leading layer of your skin and just takes in the uppermost layer, as soon as your skin starts to scrub or lose lifeless skin cells, your tan will certainly discolor.

Adhere to the rules listed below to optimize your tan:

1. Shower or bath instantly prior to your tanning application; see to it to make use of a scrubbing cleansing soap or sponge (as an example, a loofah or massive washcloth). This will certainly eliminate many of the lifeless skin cells.

2. Prior to your spray on tan, stay away from making use of everything that could cover or congest your pores, consisting of antiperspirants, creams, fragrances, and so on. Keeping your skin open and without these chemicals will certainly enable the DHA to take in much faster.

3. After your application, enable it to completely dry entirely without contacting any sort of location of your recently tanned physical body. This ought to take approximately 10-15 minutes. Avoid clothing, resting, or cleaning up versus your skin up until totally dry.

4. Do not bath once again up until a minimum of 8 to 10 hrs after your application, and stay away from making use of any type of chemicals such as bleach, witch hazel or exfoliates. Keep in mind dropping your skin will certainly likewise drop your tan.

5. Moisturize regularly (everyday or two times a day ideally) This will certainly keep your skin moist and extend the losing of skin cells.

After your very first application and complying with the rules mentioned above you will certainly have a suggestion of just how lengthy your spray on tan will certainly last and when you need to have a re-application to proceed your gorgeous bronze radiance.

What are the causes of blood poop

The blood in the stool can be red, brown, black and linger, or occult (not evident to the eye). The reason for blood coming from stool ranges from innocuous, annoying situation of the digestive tract, such as hemorrhoids to severe infections like cancerous disease. Pooping blood should be assessed by a healthcare provider.

If you find blood in the stool or glimpse signs of rectal bleeding, the first thing to do is call your medical practitioner and schedule an appointment. While you delay, you can teach yourself to what may be incorrect, because the facts and figures are a good antidote to anxiety. You can contribute to a comprehending of the potential determinants of blood in the stool; I turned to so far dependable online quotations used by medical practitioners and patients. Here is what professional’s state there were possible causes of body-fluid in the stool:

Hemorrhoids are distended blood vessels in the rectum or anus, which can be aching, irritated and can occasionally bleeding painless rectal bleeding in the gut is a widespread symptom of hemorrhoids is shinny red blood generally outer wears the stool or body-fluid may leak from the anus or a stain on the lavatory paper … ” Other determinants of rectal bleeding – There are numerous other determinants, such as colon polyps, colon cancer, colitis, diverticulitis.

In several patients bleeding can be very dark and tar (sticky) and foul. Black stools that are sticky and smelly are called Melena. Melena happens when body-fluid is in the colon long enough for pathogens in the colon to shatter it downwards into chemicals (hematin), which is very dark. Thus, melena generally signifies bleeding is from the top gastrointestinal tract (e.g., bleeding ulcer in stomach or duodenum or small intestine) because the blood is usually in the gastrointestinal area for a longer phase before it departs the body.

Occasionally Melena may occur due to bleeding right in colon. On the other hand, usual body-fluid sigmoid colon and rectum do not reside in the colon long sufficient for pathogens to make them very dark. Sometimes, bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract is too slow to origin either Melena or rectal bleeding.


The best check for rectal bleeding counts on your age, symptoms and health history -.

Rectal written test: Sometimes a doctor may notice the origin of rectal bleeding with a DRE. Amidst youth, the written test may be all that is essential anoscopy permits the clinician to examine the anus and rectum. It can be finished in the clinic and requires no sedation.

Sigmoidoscopy – throughout Sigmoidoscopy, your medical practitioner may scan the rectum and mainly of the smaller colon. Sigmoidoscopy can be performed without sedation.

(Flexible Sigmoidoscopy) Colonoscopy – Colonoscopy is a procedure where the medical practitioner examines the complete colon, usually when the persevering is sedated. Colon cancerous disease can be identified in patients who have not passed a pooping blood for years. So the right check up should be made.

How Ephedra Works to Burn Fat

Ephedra products were fat burners that are quite popular back when they were out there. The reason these products were such high demand is because they operated not credible. Essentially ephedra diet pills consisted of ephedra (productive ephedrine alkaloids) caffeine, and other ingredients that were chosen. While these products were quite successful in their own time, they’re no longer available. Happily, caffeine and ephedrine products continue to be accessible, so you can basically replicate the effects of old diet pills.

This medication was successful due to the productive suppressed appetite, and increased metabolism created a thermogenic effect. The astonishing thing is the fact that ephedrine targets fat and never muscle. For bodybuilders that is particularly significant since they would like to be as thin arrived people started shooting more than the recommended dose and when companies started adding more stimulants to the mixture. Yet a number of the ephedra pills in the market were dangerous. Astounding results can be produced by just purchasing caffeine and ephedrine with no unwanted side effects. With caffeine and ephedrine a user build their particular EC stack and can buttocks their tolerance.

Where might I purchase several years back. The actual question is why would anybody need when they are able to purchase the two primary ingredients for much more affordable to purchase ephedra products that are high-priced. Just purchasing ephedrine and caffeine is a solution that is more affordable, safer, and legal. You shop for ephedrine products in the links supplied to the left of the webpage.

What’s the very best ephedra product?

There were so numerous products in the market which it’s difficult to define a “best” one. Listen, caffeine & ephedrine functions the best! Clear and simple. Ephedra products are just caffeine and ephedrine with a fancy label, do not get caught up!

How to use

This can be a conventional EC stack dosing scheme, naked in mind this shouldn’t be used as medical advice or replace any guidance given by a doctor and that it is for educational purposes only.

Week 1: 8mg of ephedrine hcl + 200mg of Caffeine – 3 times daily

Week2: 16mg of ephedrine hcl + 200mg of Caffeine – 3 times daily

Week3+: 24mg of ephedrine hcl + 200mg of Caffeine – 3 times daily

It needs to be mentioned that six weeks is long as well as a rest period ought to be taken after six weeks. Six months at least 8 weeks away and on is recommended.

About Medical Cannabis Doctors and Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Medical marijuana cards that medical marijuana remainder a number of acquisitions are some high-quality results and approved. Then the topic of the first group that only patients who need him to request medical marijuana evaluation of medical cannabis registered. Find out different account ensure that the provider may be able to examine their overall health and fitness. It should not be describe as the recent invention of the disease, which can be solved through support with marijuana; the medical cannabis doctors will almost certainly preserve medical marijuana a safe drug for you.

There are many diseases in the world, there are a number of ways to treat and it was establish. However, some diseases are adequately explicit and need the medial marijuana that is used. In this case, please refer to the medicinal marijuana clinic. Medical center utilize medical cannabis professional. Of course, you will need medical marijuana cards, so you should take.

For first course, it may require confirmation of several decent clinics in the system today. First-time in their preferences directly and consulting worldwide. You can also verify which can lead to a conference. However, these pages may make certain that the Internet is true and that the medical cannabis dispensaries, because it is supposed that the medical marijuana state establishment. There are many examples, of course, just where the patients were confused by people who claim to be medical marijuana in California, and it really healthy external evaluations of approved marijuana before they were used up in the course.

It is probable that the information to be included in these discussion forums can be consequent from the patients is necessary that the time has approved the evaluation of medical marijuana. The perfect alternative forum, you can discover many useful links to health clinics for the winners medical cannabis grants wherever they can obtain an allowance in medicine. In the medical marijuana argument goes Web you can think of checking several online forums in the community to discuss both the marijuana when the World Wide Web. You can find a way to find the discussion page number is now offering a guy so much and every day in relation to the websites of medical marijuana should be included.

Get Jennifer Aniston’s yoga instructor right in your living room!

Jennifer Aniston and Mandy Ingber

Jennifer Aniston credits her yoga teacher and friend of 20 years, Mandy Ingber, with helping her hone her coveted curves. Now you can slim and sculpt like the star right in your living room!

Lucky you! Mandy’s new yoga DVD Yogalosophy launches this month. Mandy calls the routine a “yoga hybrid” because it pairs traditional yoga poses with calisthenics. So, you may transition from a pose like cat/cow into a set of side leg lifts or from boat pose to sit-ups. The result? Well, just take a look at Ms. Aniston’s sleek physique. Excuse me, sexy muscles!

Of course, if you ask Jen she’ll be just as quick to point out the emotional benefits. She told SELF: “I’ve had everything from deep laughter to deep sadness, where I was crying through moves. It’s good to get that stuff out. You feel like you’re having a therapy session, a workout and a meditation at the same time.” Intrigued? Check out the Mind-Body Makeover that first appeared in SELF and inspired the full-length DVD, while you wait for your copy to arrive in the mail. Happy honing!

Get Fit At Any Age

Just because it’s a cliché doesn’t mean it’s not true. “Age is nothing but a number,” says ExerciseTV Trainer, Patrick Murphy. “I have some clients in their 40s and 50s in the best shape of their lives. They’re running circles around some of the younger people who have just started.”

The fundamentals of fitness don’t change based on your age. No matter how old you are, you need to start smart. “A good program always establishes stabilization first, and then goes onto strength,” says Murphy. This will help prevent injury and make your speed and strength work more precise. (That doesn’t mean you can’t build muscle while you’re getting stable – moves like forearm planks and twisting lunges, which you’ll find in Patrick Murphy’s Camera Ready Core workout, strengthen essential stabilizing core muscles while toning and sculpting).

However, depending where you are in your life, you may need to shift your focus to ensure the best, safest, and most effective workout. Depending on your age, pay attention to these target areas:

In Your 20s: While your body is young, strong, and healthy, it’s tempting to focus on the showcase muscles that look great at the beach. But be sure to give attention to smaller, but just as important, body parts, like rotator cuffs, as well as the opposing muscles to the bigger groups. “If you just do pushups and dips, you’re strengthening only certain parts of your body. You’re going to tighten your chest muscles and shoulder muscles and over time you create rounded shoulders,” says Murphy. To fight against this, include moves like the bent over reverse fly with dumbbells and reverse flys with resistance bands. To compliment ab work, be sure to do some back strengthening moves on a Swiss Ball.

In Your 30s and 40s: You have to walk before you run – literally. “When you’re in your 20s you can get out there and just start: your body is always warm,” says trainer Marco Reed. “With someone who’s now getting into their 30s and 40s you have to be a lot more conscious about warming up. Make sure you warm up for five to ten minutes to get your blood flowing.” Allow yourself a few minutes of brisk walking before you start to run or cycle, and be sure to stretch before and after to limit next-day pain.

50s, 60s, and Beyond: Just because your joints may not be as loose as they once were doesn’t mean you have to put up with silly chair exercises or low-intensity moves that make you feel more fragile than you are. Reduce the impact on your joints while making a major impact on your waistline with Pilates, a floor-based exercise that, to be honest, kicks your butt, like Lizbeth Garcia’s Zero Limits Ab Blast. “It’s a no-impact exercise and a great way to start,” says Teri Ann Krefting, who recommends starting off in private lessons or smaller groups due to the intensity of the workout. Once you’ve built some strength and stability, it will be easier and more comfortable for you to get back to a traditional routine.

Get Pilates abs: 8 perfect at-home moves

You’ve probably read about celebs extolling the virtues of Pilates (lean legs, a supertaut tummy!), or maybe even heard the hype from mat-class–obsessed friends. If you’re still skeptical, keep reading: “Pilates puts your muscles—especially the smaller, stabilizing ones—under constant tension over a large range of motion to create that enviable long, lean look,” says Lauren Piskin, owner of Physicalmind Studio in New York City.

What’s more, one study found that women who swapped their usual routines for two 60-minute Pilates sessions a week saw significant increases in abdominal endurance, hamstring flexibility, and upper-body muscular endurance.

The thing is, these Pilates perks often come with a hefty price tag: A few sessions a week (typically using a bed-size contraption called a Reformer) can set you back hundreds of dollars. So Piskin created this at-home total-body workout, which gives your abs some extra love without damaging your bottom line. All you need is a Pilates ball (which are inexpensive and add versatility to plenty of exercises). “The ball mimics the resistance of the machine to challenge your muscles as you move through fluid movements,” says Piskin.

Do the following sequence two or three times a week. Starting with the first move, do eight to 10 reps of each exercise with little to no rest between exercises. The video below will show you how to do the moves with perfect form.

Acai Berry Juice

The acai berry (ah-sigh-ee) seems like a purple marble or purple grape and grows on acai palm trees in the Amazon Rainforest. The fruit is 10% acai pulp and 90% seed pit and must be cautiously handled before it can be used up. During the process the acai berries are agitated against one another and with water are set into a machine. This process separates the seed and the acai pulp.

It has a tropical fruit flavor that is unique and offers a high level nutritional benefits. It contains elevated levels of antioxidants. In addition, it includes Omega Fatty Acids (healthful fats), Amino Acids, Fiber, Iron, alongside a number of Acai Berry Juice and the Acai Berry). A amazonian conventional recipe mixes guarana seed that is natural and acai fruit pulp, when combined with guarana, which provides energy and heighten mental clarity that’s caffeine like effects.

Natives residing in Northern Brazil in the Amazon river region, have experienced that included the fruit in their diet for centuries because of it\’s nutritional value. It is wellness and healing powers are renowned through the region. beginning to propagate to the remainder of the Americas from Brazil.
It has the following wellness, health and nutritional properties:

  • Antioxidant
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiinflammatory
  • Antimutagenic

Cardiovascular System

Acai berries contain quite shown to lower LDL HDL cholesterol levels are maintained by &. Acai also possess an amazing concentration of antioxidants to help fight the certain group of flavonoids called anthocyanins. Acai Berry’s ORAC value is higher than every other edible berry on the planet! It is likewise a great source of dietary fiber!

  • Acai is very rich in organic vegetable protein that doesn\’t create cholesterol
  • During the digestion and is prepared and moved for your muscles than animal protein
  • (Like in meat or milk). Moreover its excellent content of protein and unsaturated
  • Acai lipids, is also rich in carbs which supply your body together with the essential

Energy while practicing or working any form of sport. That\’s the reason acai is served in many health clubs, sport clubs and beaches throughout Brazil.

Based on medical research studies mentioned below, and conducted in the acai berries, their investigation shows:

An incredibly high concentration levels of antioxidants led to fighting premature aging.

The proanthocyanidine items in The Acai Berry are 10 to thirty colored antioxidants) of dark wine per volume.

They’ve a poor prevalence of cardio vascular disease in comparison with the western states, even though This variable is contributed by them to their ingestion of red wine.

It will help an encourage digestive tract and a healthy cardio vascular system, due to its own synergy of monounsaturated (these are the) fats, dietary fiber and phytosterols.

A great source of fiber! There are about Acai tract. Scientific tests indicates soluble materials might can help to decrease the possibility of developing specific kinds together with trace minerals, which are essential for proper muscle contraction and regeneration.

Besides the energy and fluid replacement, The Acai Berry supply a nutrition profile complete with minerals, vitamins coconut oil. Studies indicate it is a leading factor to the low prevalence of cardiovascular disease in Mediterranean populations.

The Berry include plant sterols including beta sitosterol. Now, sterols are used to treat benign prostate dyperplasia that was related. (6) These plant sterols also have been proven to help control cholesterol in addition to act as precursors to a lot of significant materials generated from (OH-sci-EE) is thought to get the greatest nutritional value of any fruit on the planet.

Anthocyanidins: Thirty times the number percentage resembling coconut oil: including omega fatty acids that are vital:
Alphatocopherol: natural Vitamin E
Trace minerals: manganese, iron, calcium, cobalt, chromium and copper, Omega 6, and Omega 9. blood (dangerous cholesterol) while maintaining HDL (useful cholesterol). This original ratio resembles the exact same blend as olive oil. Omega fatty acids fight cardiovascular disease by raising healthy cell growth. Omega fatty acids are crucial for regeneration and healthy nervous system growth. Omega fatty help fast rejuvenate and fix muscles after extreme exercise.

AMINO ACIDS; the Acai berry includes really is crucial for proper muscle contraction and regeneration, as well as for energy, strength, sustained muscle and energy growth.

NATURAL VITAMIN E; to shield against aging.

THEOBROMINE; works like a bronchial dilator to assist oxygen consumption, which increases strength, endurance, and athletic performance is helped in by air capability.

PHOTOSTEROLS; These complicated compounds of plant cell membranes are accustomed to take care of symptoms related to BPH, (benign prostate hyperplasia). Photosterols leads to a healthy digestive tract and additionally help encourage a healthy cardiovascular system.

ANTIOXIDANTS; Acai is rich in antocyanins, a crucial anti-oxidizer which helps fight premature aging. Actually, acai has 10 -30 times more anthocyanins (purple coloured antioxidants) that a glass of red wine.


Acai Berry Cleanse Review | Health Guide Daily

Does South Beach Diet Phase 2 Work

South Beach Diet Phase 2, that lasts 2 weeks, is pretty almost like the Atkin’s Diet “induction” amount, which, not therefore coincidentally, conjointly last 2 weeks. this can be the foremost stringent facet of the complete diet arrange as a result of you may be removing plenty of things that almost all individuals extremely get pleasure from eating from your diet.

As a part of the publicity for this plan 2, they tout that you just will lose weight while not feeling hungry. With the quantity of food that you just are allowed to own on the arrange throughout part one, this can be really pretty true. however hunger and cravings are not extremely a similar issue. you actually don’t seem to be possible to be hungry, i.e. feeling your abdomen growl and holding on by your fingernails till your next meal rolls around. What are you possible to expertise though is cravings for the carbs that you’ve got suddenly been weaned off of.

More about:

During part one of the 2nd part of plan, starchy carbohydrates like breads, rice and pastas are fully banned from your diet, similarly as all of the sugary stuff like ice cream, candy, sodas, etc. whereas 2 weeks might feel sort of a lasting to try to to with none of those foods, if you persist, most dieters notice that the cravings begin to subside round the fourth day or therefore as you get used to not eating those foods. they’re going to be reintroduced gradually throughout part a pair of.

In order to influence your cravings throughout those crucial initial few days, it is best to require the bull by the horns. Tell yourself you may not cave! And then, when the craving strikes, get on my feet and do one thing completely different to what you’re doing at that moment. Get outside and take a fast walk round the block. Go create yourself a tall glass of ice water and drink all of it. decision an admirer on the phone simply to mention hello. simply break what “craving moment” by doing one thing else and let your mind settle onto a unique task.

Another necessary facet of part one success is to create certain you move to the food market and use your South Beach looking list before you begin part one. do not wait till you have already started and then head out to try to to your grocery looking. Get stocked up before you start and do not skip the nice stuff – get pleasure from fine cuts of meat, seafood that you just may not normally create a part of your regular weekly diet (such as lobster!) and check out doing a bit experimenting along with your vegetables. notice some recipes for artichokes or spaghetti squash rather than eating salads, spinach and broccoli all the time!

Phase one in every of the 2nd part of the program could appear robust initially, however it’ll get easier.

Charlotte Siems’ Figures Out a ‘Weigh Down’ While T-Tapping Herself Skinny

When you see Charlotte Siems for the first time, you see a lithe, toned, tall attractive woman—the picture-perfect pilates-esque body, one assumes she is athletically gifted. So it comes as quite a shock when Charlotte describes herself as a couch potato, someone who had never exercised in her entire life (until recently), and so ‘not athletic’ it isn’t even funny. Even more shocking is when Charlotte tells you she spent 25 years in a rocking chair either pregnant or nursing babies. It’s a ‘whatcha-talkin’-bout-Willis?’ moment. Surely she’s exaggerating…25 YEARS?! She jests not. The Siems’ have twelve (yes, 12—this is not a typo) beautiful children ranging in age from 25 to two. The real life Cheaper by the Dozen family!

This ‘super mom’ is 48 and has amoungst her brood a two year old AND four year old! No, none of the children are adopted. She gave birth to all of them, in the, ahem, ‘normal’ way (one weighed over 11 ½ pounds!). Oh, and did I mention, she homeschools all of her children, graduating five to date. If ever a woman should have ‘permission’ to carry some extra weight, surely Charlotte Siems would be that woman. And indeed she was. Following the birth of her eldest child, at age 22, she started packing on the pounds, and with each birth she put on a little more.

Charlotte’s weight topped out at 258 pounds following the birth of her 12th child, 2 year old Sophie. At 5’11” she wore a size 22W and starting have knee problems and blood sugar issues. So when Sarah and Tyler, her two oldest children, announced their respective engagements she wanted a lose a size or two in time for the weddings. Hearing about Teresa Tapp’s T-Tapp Program from a blogger (large family logistics blog) she ordered the video.

According to Charlotte, T-Tapp emphasizes using proper form & going to your max. It promotes a graceful, long, lean silouette. And, Charlotte says, T-Tapp builds muscle density quickly and so well that your metabolism increases. According to the T-Tapp site: “T-Tapp is a series of copyrighted, sequential movements designed to put the body in proper functional alignment. Its special sequence of comprehensive, compound muscle movement helps establish better alignment as well as increased strength and flexibility of the spine, better neuro-kinetic flow, lymphatic function, and increased metabolic rate. Its physical therapy approach to fitness makes it safe for those with shoulder, hip, knee, neck, and back concerns. Yet, it delivers a challenging workout for all fitness levels!”

Charlotte did not change her eating habits for the first four months, just exercising 3-5 x/ week for 15 -30 minutes in her bedroom with the door shut. With just the exercise she shed 20 pounds and two sizes. At that time she felt so good she decided she should add a change in her eating habits to the program and recalled reading Gwen Shamblin’s Weigh Down Diet years ago. She went to the Weigh Down Workshop site and signed up for an online class.

For those unfamiliar with Weigh Down it’s a Bible-based weight loss program. According to Charlotte, some of the program principles that she has found most helpful include: if you have a craving you can have it as long as you’re hungry, stop when you feel full (eat slowly), food journaling, take small bites, and use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate. One of Charlotte’s mantras is ‘you can only taste the food when it’s in your mouth’.

Motivated by a deep spiritual connection she says she didn’t want ‘to be a reproach to her children or God’. In addition, she feared she would be the stereotypical mom of a lot of kids and she didn’t want to be. Of her 12 kids, two are still very young and require a lot of physical running, carrying, playing and she wanted to be able to be that energetic mom. She also felt inspired to ‘make God and her hubby (Henry, a senior pastor) look good’. She has continued to stay motivated by keeping focused on these things, through daily prayer, and by reading success stories of others over and over again. In fact, while she was losing the weight, she cut out the stories from People magazine’s ‘half their size’ issue & regularly visited the T-Tapp site to read and re-read success stories (she is now one of them!).

Charlotte challenged herself to deal with emotional issues, one breakthrough came when she said to her husband, “eating is the only fun thing I do.” Wow. Remaining prayerful, she searched for answers and today Charlotte reports that God and family meet her needs, not the food. Throughout her journey she never had an end-point in mind. Charlotte kept saying to herself, “just 20 more pounds.”

That ‘20 more pounds’ has turned into an astounding loss of 109 pounds (and counting). What’s remarkable (aside the fact that she did all this while raising 12 children) is that she has no hanging skin (something she credits to T-Tapp’s skin brushing routine)! She feels blessed to have found T-Tapp on her very first attempt to find a program. Today Charlotte weighs 149 pounds (and is still losing inches). She wears a size 4–yes, read it again, she is 5’11” tall, she was a size 22, gave birth 12 times and now wears a size 4.

After visiting (via phone) with Charlotte I can say with all sincerity that she is a woman who transcends stereotypes and is such a fun, positive person she is certainly an inspiration to women in all walks of life (because really, who could be more busy or create more excuses than a homeschooling mom of 12?!)!

Charlotte’s advice if you’re just starting out: start small, don’t make any dietary changes in the first month (per T-Tapp)…if you find yourself on a plateau, shake it up, try something new, cut back on your food, pay attention to the ‘feeling of full’, have a new awareness. Don’t give up but also don’t give yourself permission to throw in the towel.

From the rocking chair to rockin’ a size 4 pair of capris, this woman of faith has shown the world a Weigh Down through T-Tapp.

Niacin Uses

Here are various types of vitamins and other dietary things are necessary for a body. Among those various types of things, there is a vitamin or a part of vitamin. The name of that is Niacin. It is known as vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid as well. They are important for the die try needs of a body. Niacin uses are necessary to control various types of diseases and problems.

They are used in many types of medicines. These are for taking with food items. There are many types of things are therein these medicines. If one person may not take them properly or if he takes it without consulting a doctor, it may cause him side effects too, for example niacin flush. For getting rid of those problems, he or she may look for the directions to use point on the medicine packet. If one people is feeling uncertain, he can take the help of a doctor in such case. If he takes the medicine without proper guidance, he may develop the problems like liver problems. A person may get advice from the doctor to take the medicine and swallow the medicine completely. He has no choice to crush it or chew it. Doing so can cause various other health related problems.

There is a drug test through which a niacin capsule has to pass drug test to get ready for the treatment of people. As if a person not takes this teat, he comes closer for the problem of overdosing. For that purpose a person has to drink lot of water and before going for any types of test, he has to take the medicine for past ten hours back. He can take more than a medicine in a hour but he should make himself careful about taking it under prescribed timings. In this way, a person gets able to go for the test. It is helpful for a person to pass a drug test easily and without any problem.

How to Use

Niacin Usage is important for the body because it is having various good things through which a person can make his health conditions better. As it is having Vitamin B, it is important as the nutrient plan. It is having water soluble particles that help a person to digest them properly. A person can use it in his daily diet so that he can make some of the energy to perform his daily work. But on the other hand, it is also important for him to take it in a good measurement so that it cannot cause him any side effects.